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One division is 10 seconds a day.

For errors less than 2 1/2 minutes per day, move the regulator, each division is 10 seconds a day. If the clock can't be regulated, its time to have the clock overhauled.




1. Before packing your clock first lock the Pendulum by sliding the Pendulum Locking Lever all the way to the right. Moving or shipping an Atmos clock without locking the Pendulum can cause sever damage to the clock. The Pendulum locking lever is either underneath the front of the clock or underneath the Dial, depending on the model.

If your clock has " Case locking pins" on the sides, make certain these pins are securely fastened into place before packing the clock. Wrap the case with blue painters tape to hold the pins in place.


2. Place the clock in a clean plastic bag, bubble wrap and place the clock in a small box first, using plenty of packing material. Place that box in a larger box again use plenty of packing material in between both boxes. You can use your original Atmos factory packing material for the inside packaging, if that is available. Include on a sheet of paper all your contact information including the serial number of your clock. We sometimes receive clocks with no paper work and they sit here until someone calls which delays your order.



We recommend you ship your clock with UPS or FedEx and insure it for $1500 or above. Please remember if your clock is not packed correctly and it is damaged the shipper may not pay the claim. If you have an Office Depot near you they are a UPS shipping location and they do not charge any more to ship your items than if you went to the UPS terminal.


Timing and shipping.


—A small temperature variation of just one degree is sufficient for over two day's operation. —Such variation occurs naturally in normal room temperature and thus without any additional sources of energy, the Atmos clock will continue to run, if left untouched, "forever".

                   Precision computer timing.
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