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Atmos Overhaul.

                      Living On Air!

Atmos clock model 528 with the hands and dial removed.
Disassembled, ready for cleaning.

The power consumed by a 15 watt light bulb could run over 60 million Atmos clocks simultaneously! —The parts inside the Atmos are virtually wear free, thus an Atmos can expect an operational service life of over 600 years, although with today's air pollution, an overhaul and cleaning is recommended every 20 years 

A severely bent fork. This clock will not run!
This fork is properly adjusted to factory specs for proper running.

—A small temperature variation of just one degree is sufficient for over two day's operation. —Such variation occurs naturally in normal room temperature and thus without any additional sources of energy, the Atmos clock will continue to run, if left untouched, "forever".


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